Top 5 design trends

Top 5 design trends

Keeping up with the most recent design trends is crucial while creating your ideal house. It not only assists you in building a lovely and useful home, but it also makes sure that your investment remains current and appealing for years to come. The top Dream design trends in the USA will be covered in this blog post, along with tips on how to apply them to your own home utilizing our variety of house designs.

1. Open Floor Plans

Since they have gained popularity over the past several years, open floor designs will still rule the market in 2023. Guests may be entertained and family time can be spent more easily thanks to the trend toward open concept living areas, which provides for greater fluidity and flexibility in your home's architecture. Our selection of house plans includes single-story ranch homes as well as multi-level homes with open-concept living spaces, giving you a variety of alternatives for open floor designs.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

Homeowners have started emphasizing outdoor living areas more recently, and this trend is anticipated to continue in 2023. Your home's charm and functionality can be substantially improved by having a well-designed outdoor living space, which can range from large decks to covered porches. There are many alternatives for outdoor living areas in our collection of house plans, ranging from little front porches to vast back decks.

3. Smart Home Technology

Recent advancements in smart home technology have led to it swiftly becoming a must-have feature for many homeowners. Smart home technology makes our lives simpler and more effective by enabling us to control everything from lights to temperature with a single voice command or smartphone app. Many of our home designs were created with smart home technology in mind, enabling you to easily integrate the systems and gadgets in your house.

4. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Several years ago, sustainability and energy efficiency have been significant trends in the housing sector. In 2023, this trend is anticipated to continue. Building a sustainable and energy-efficient home has become a key goal for many homeowners due to the increased attention being paid to environmental issues and the rising cost of electricity. We have a variety of options for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes in our collection of house plans, including passive solar designs and green building materials.

5. Multigenerational Living

More families are opting to live together under one roof in the USA, where multigenerational living is growing in popularity. Having a home that is intended for multigenerational living is crucial, whether it's to care for elderly parents or house adult children. From homes with separate living spaces to homes with several master suites, our selection of house plans provides a variety of possibilities for multigenerational living.


In conclusion, keeping up with the most recent house design trends is crucial while creating your ideal residence. Our selection of house plans includes numerous options to help you incorporate these trends into the design of your home, from open floor plans to smart home technology, outdoor living areas to sustainability, and multigenerational living. We're here to help you realize your ideal home in 2023 and beyond with our dedication to affordability, personalization, and professional service.